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AM And PM Tips From The Experts (you) – For Your Best Sleep

AM and PM tips from the experts (you) – for your best sleep

We recently ran an IG-comp in collaboration with the most delicious quinoa cereal brand this side of the equator, called Qnola. Over the course of the campaign, we asked all and sundry how they wake up and wind down well for your best sleep yet. So many great tips and tricks were mentioned that were just begging to be shared, so here goes. Have a read, make a mental note of what you think might work well for you personally, and perhaps give it a try tomorrow.

Winding down well:


‘I like to go old-school: bubble bath and bed by 10pm with a good book. If after this I find I feel awake, I love listening to a snooze-inducing guided meditation, which makes me unwind in no time and zonk out’.


‘I’ve found that massaging my feet with frankincense essential oil just before settling for the night & diffusing clary sage & lavender essential oils really helps. I’ve also been practicing ‘bed yoga’…using a few restorative poses and concentrating on my breathing to calm my senses at bedtime and of course, switching off from phones and other technology which emits blue/white light at least an hour before bed. Last but definitely not least: eating a carb & protein rich snack about an hour before bed is essential so the hunger pangs don’t wake me’.


‘Wear some wool socks to keep your feet warm during the night and you will sleep like a baby’.


‘I’ve struggled for years to try get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed, and at last I seem to have mastered it. My secret is a combination of using a pillow spray (ThisWorks has the best one) and making sure I don’t dehydrate – waking up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water sounds as if it would interrupt my sleep, but in fact it gives me more and better sleep in total’.


‘I always take a warm aromatherapy bath before bed, bring no gadgets into the bedroom and keep a journal handy to write down anything on my mind.’


‘I always make sure my bedroom is cool and well ventilated (60/67 degrees) – it allows me to sleep really comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed (and never sweaty)’.


Breakfast NOT in bed - sleepwear for any occasion

Waking up well:


‘Make sure to keep a comfy dressing gown within reach as you wake up, and mentally prep what you will have for breakfast so it acts as motivation to get out of bed.’


‘Don’t hit snooze more than once! Get up and have a hot cup of tea and a bottle of water, try do a short workout to wake up your muscles and mind, shower and have a good breakfast. You’ll be energised all day.’


‘My favourite way to wake up starts with a mug of warm lemon water, followed by a 15 min yoga flow and 10 min journaling. All in silence as it helps me to clear my head and sort my thoughts. Then it’s on to breakfast! I’m a fan of granola and icy cold milk. ‘


‘The best morning routine is to open up the curtains, let in some natural light, put on your favourite music, make a nice cup of tea or coffee and take 5 minutes to decide how you’re going to make your day a great one!’


‘Wake up slowly with your alarm set to some soft, calming music which gradually wakes you up. It’s a much better way to start your day compared to jumping out of bed to your loud alarm clock.’


‘I believe that if you win the morning, you win the day! All successful people have a set morning routine and follow it religiously. Your morning routine is about setting yourself up for success! Get up earlier than normal to allow time for your morning routine, as no-one wants to start the day in a rush. Allocate time to meditate, pray, read, exercise and do whatever else brings happiness and joy into your life. You might think you’re not a morning person, but I’m sure that you can train your body and mind to get up earlier each day for some solid ‘me-time’ in the a.m. Try it for 30 days and you won’t look back!’


And if all else fails, just don a really great set of PJs to make any part of the day, so much better!


Written by Team Nightire