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We recently caught up with mom-of-two and woman in business Annabel Mead, a #friendofnightire and all-around superlady, to chat about how she manages to balance being a mom, wife, CMO and friend. Also, how she gets enough sleep to be able to do all aforementioned, and what her bedroom design 'look' is all about. 

What design aesthetic do you have for your interior?

I prefer a very modern and neutral style, with subtle pops of colour here and there to just add a bit of fun and flair to the rooms around the house. My love for bright and modern art pieces are one of the ways I add colour and character into our home. 

What inspired you when creating a 'look' for your home, and in particular, the bedroom?

I really enjoy clean lines and modern touches. My room is calming and not over done so it can be a neutral space where one can relax. My must-have in a bedroom is crisp white linen.

Tell me about yourself. 

I am a wife to an incredible husband, mom of two girls (age three and one), as well as two English bulldogs and two teacup pigs.  I have a passion for baking, bubbly, friends and family. I am a big foodie so love to eat out and try new places. I enjoy exercising (thank goodness, because of the aforementioned love for eating out)- it puts me in a great headspace, even when I sometimes drag my feet to get started with a session.

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How do you manage life with a demanding work schedule, as well as family life with two little ones? 

This is a tricky one and one which I constantly need to work on, to make sure that I am balancing it all! I have become quite strict with taking me-time, and luckily working for myself gives me the flexibility to still be able to get home in time for school drop offs and extra mural activities. I also make sure when I get home at 3 that I switch off and focus on the girls until their bed time. There are times that I lose balance, as we all do, but a good deep breath (or five) usually gets me back into the flow.

What is your favourite way to wind down before bed, and how do you make sure to wake up well for the day ahead? 

I make myself a cup of rooibos tea with honey and milk every night, and take that to bed. I also thoroughly enjoy devouring an episode of Masterchef Australia ( my favourite series) to switch off from the day. Of course, I insist on only wearing Nightire sleepwear, as it really is the softest PJs out there. Waking up is easy, as my daughters are natural alarm clocks. If one wakes up before me and makes her way through to my bed, we usually have a nice long cuddle which is one of my favourite moments of each and everyday.

Your best sleep tip? 

A cup of rooibos tea and a really great pillow! A memory foam pillow is something I can’t live without it. And again, a pair of Nightire pyjamas.

How have you gone about cultivating a healthy sleep routine for your little ones? 

That's exactly it- we make sure to stick to a routine every night. This starts off with a bath before bedtime. Each of the girls has an item that they sleep with- Juliet has her Blanket made out of bamboo wool by her Goggo and Emma has Lambie. This is to help the girls self sooth when they wake up in the night. They also always get a story before bedtime. I believe a good solid bedtime routine from a young age is key, so we started implementing these routines at 6 weeks old already.

Thanks so much to Annabel for taking the time to give us a peek into her abode.


Written by Nina Clark, Founder


P.S. If you'd like to have your bedroom featured on the blog, do get in touch with us at mayihaveaword@nightire.com... we'd love to share your sleep space with the world at large.

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