Bamboo Pyjamas are you key to sleeping well

Bamboo pyjamas - the secret to a great night's sleep?

January 17 2019
Wearing the right kind of pyjamas to bed – longs, shorts, dresses – is important, sure. However, it’s not so much what you wear, but what it’s made of that really counts. Donning sleepwear made of a fabric that aids temperature-regulation while you sleep, may help you to nod off faster, and stay in dreamland for longer.
Yellow dot pyjamas in London

Why a 'sleep divorce' could be really good for your relationship

January 17 2019
Picture your average night sharing a bed with your partner. Are they happily dozing off while you’re tossing & turning? While you’re hot and bothered and on the verge of shoving the duvet to the floor, are they swaddled like a baby?
Evening routine snapshot

How to easily fall (and stay) asleep

January 17 2019
You’ve heard it all before – getting your eight hours of sleep is the key to health, happiness and everything in between. Which is probably the most frustrating thing to hear when you’re not one to sleep very well, or nod off easily. I have struggled with insomnia during different periods of my life.
Shelfie Game is strong

Who Sleeps Here - Lise van Schoor's bedroom

January 17 2019
Today I'm sharing a few snaps from the bedroom of my sister and Nightire's number one fan, Lise van Schoor. Over the holidays, I managed to pin her down for a chat about balancing work & life, her best sleep tips and what inspired her gorgeous abode's design aesthetic. Have a look at what this finance girl with a creative edge, had to say…
Taking your pyjamas to the seaside

5 reasons why you are struggling to nod off

January 17 2019
Have you ever started a new novel right before bedtime that was so unbelievably engaging that the twists and cliff-hangers kept you wired and awake long after the lights went out? Everyone knows it's a good habit to read before bed, right? Or was I wrong? Well, kind of.
Milk before bed is still a good idea

7 pre-bedtime snacks that will help you nod off in no time

January 17 2019
Sound the alarm, because we are in a sleep crisis! Whether it’s because we’re staying up too late, drinking too much coffee or feeling too darn stressed all the time, studies show that we're getting way less shuteye than we should.
Bedtime Story for Grown Ups

A Bedtime Story for Grown ups

January 17 2019
Once Upon a Time, in a city not so unlike yours, there lived an increasingly tired, young woman by the name of Claire. Claire lived in a rather pokey flat in a less-than-ideal part of London.