Interview with a designer

Who Sleeps Here - Sam Schwikkard's bedroom

January 17 2019
We recently had a little chit-chat with mom and business owner Sam Schwikkard, a #friendofnightire and all-round darling, to find out how she manages to get enough me-time, down-time and sleep-time in as mom of a little bub. We also discussed what inspires her design vibes when it comes to her bedroom, as she really does have the most stylish abode.  
South African Home - a look inside

Who Sleeps Here - Annabel Meade's bedroom

January 17 2019
We recently caught up with mom-of-two and woman in business Annabel Mead, a #friendofnightire and all-around superlady, to chat about how she manages to balance being a mom, wife, CMO and friend.
Shelfie Game is strong

Who Sleeps Here - Lise van Schoor's bedroom

January 17 2019
Today I'm sharing a few snaps from the bedroom of my sister and Nightire's number one fan, Lise van Schoor. Over the holidays, I managed to pin her down for a chat about balancing work & life, her best sleep tips and what inspired her gorgeous abode's design aesthetic. Have a look at what this finance girl with a creative edge, had to say…
Nadia Meli Photographer bedroom

Who Sleeps Here - Nadia Meli's bedroom

January 17 2019
I recently met up for a little chit-chat with a #friendofnightire, photographer and all round girlboss of note, Nadia Meli, to gush over her gorgeous bedroom interiors and discuss her sleep habits as a busy entrepreneur. Have a look at what we covered…