Made of 100% organic bamboo, our sleepwear is soft yet durable & luxuriously comfortable. How’s that, you may ask? Bamboo has a whole host of brilliant properties that could help you get a better night’s shut-eye. It’s moisture wicking, antibacterial, a non-irritant and environmentally friendly to boot. Need more info on our bamboo fabric? Have a read here.

"The pyjamas are so good, my sleep pattern is gradually improving after a long spell of naffness! A combination of Parkinson’s and hot sweats haven’t been conducive to good refreshing sleep but the pyjamas are making a difference so a huge thank you. I have always disliked wearing pyjamas up until yours."

~ a loyal customer, Gill Hancock

Our pyjamas have a loose cut but still covers all your important bits, so that:

a.) you don’t think twice opening the door to the Amazon Prime delivery man in the morning/ to chill in the kitchen with visitors/ to pop to the corner shop at 11PM for some almond milk and a choccie;
b.) no straps, buttons or elastics cut into skin while you are comfortably lounging on the couch;
c.) you can easily move around in bed while sleeping.

Our bespoke packaging is:

a.) designed with details in mind
b.) complete with a handy & informational booklet
c.) and a window so you get a sneak peak of your PJs.

Perfect for gifting, these boxes, filled with Nightire goodness, are always welcomed with open arms (hands, to be exact) - because what is better than the gift of a good night's sleep? 

We can monogramme your order (on request), an add-on much loved by brides for their bridesmaids, friends of mums-to-be and, really, anyone keen on making their gift a bit more special. 

"Your sleepwear is amazing. I am totally in love - the fabric is incredibly soft. I'm usually a fussy sleepwear but have been telling everyone about it this week. It feels like I sleep better since I got mine!! I must get more soon."

~ a loyal customer, Lize Marie du Preez