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behind the scenes Nightire

Nightire was born out of a personal quest to understand sleep, and all that it entails, a bit better… Like many folks I know, I have this thing called can’t-always-shut-my-brain-off-to-go-to-sleep syndrome. I overthink everything and am that person who constantly makes lists in my head and who worries about things that I can’t change; all while lying in bed at night waiting for sleep to set in. This led to a few years of having a rather patchy sleep routine.

About Us Nightire

I began doing research into what could help a person sleep better and tried to apply it in my nightly routine: using black-out blinds, taking a relaxing bath, using no screens in the room (i.e. goodbye to Insta-sessions right before bed), and trying anything I could to keep my body temperature on an even keel. That included buying the right sleepwear, which, in turn, got me to focus on an industry that seemed like it had some room for functional innovation (and a bit more personality), which is how the idea for Nightire came about. To create sleepwear that would aid your sleep, is beautiful enough to wear out and about, and bring some vibe back to the bedtime tribe. 

Nina Nightire founder images

Not many people care what they wear to bed, which is a shame as you spend about a third (and most important part) of the day in your PJs. We’re happy to shell out for fancy suits and pencil skirts, but when it comes to our home-wear; a grubby pair of last year’s shorts and a freebie t-shirt from that 5km run we did once upon a time, will do.

But no more. Because you’ve just discovered Nightire. 

Last year was a goodie, and lots happened over here at Nightire HQ - new products were launched (a kids range called Nightinies, CBD infused pre-sleep candles & lovely soft sleep-crease-proof bamboo pillowcases), new markets were reached and exciting partnerships were formed - most excitingly was the two-part collaboration that I did with my favourite blogger Grace Atwood, who curated two super popular designs that flew off the shelves. Lots more in the pipeline for 2021 so if you're interested, do sign up to the newsletter to follow along (plus get handy sleep tips and peruse my favourite reads). 
Nightire Highlights 2020
I'm so pleased you decided to come join this slumber party! 
Nina, Nightire founder