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How to Sleep Well on Summer Nights

How to Sleep Well on Summer Nights

This summer has been filled with many hot days and even hotter nights over here in London. We've loved the hot days... you can go for a stroll in the balmy park, enjoy a G&T alfresco and catch up with friends in the great outdoors – without giving a thought to needing to pack a jersey. The nights, however, can be uncomfortable, and mean we struggle to fall or stay asleep as our bedroom starts resembling a roasting tin. Whether you are prone to night sweats or not.

But don't sweat it. We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to tackle that hot and bothered feeling when you’re in need of a good snooze.

Cool it: Put your sheets and / or pyjamas in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime – even though the cold sensation won’t last throughout the night, it’s a quick and easy tweak to ensure you start the night cool as a cucumber.
Ice, ice baby: More freezer action! Grab some ice, pop it in a shallow bowl and place this in front of your fan. The breeze chills as it travels over the ice, making the air cool and refreshing as it hits you.

Avoid exercise before bedtime: Getting your heart rate up can boost metabolism and raise your body temperature, which is not what you want at night. So stick to exercise earlier in the day if you can. If you do hit the gym after a late night of work, try taking a lukewarm shower instead of a hot one.

Under the cover of darkness: This hack requires some proactivity. When the sunlight hits your room, keep your windows closed and blinds drawn. By keeping the light out of the room, you prevent heat from building up as the day wears on. Once it’s cooler in the evening, open those blinds and windows to let the fresh air in.

Steer clear of spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol in the evening: These can all trigger sweating whether you are menopausal or just trying to survive a particularly steamy summer night. Rather opt for cool and comforting beverages like a glass of cold water or milk.

Wear moisture-wicking pyjamas: Bamboo, the fabric that we use at Nightire for all sleepwear and sleep accessories, does exactly that - moisture is pulled away from the surface of your skin and wicked away from the fabric so it’s not absorbed (important as moisture absorbing fabrics will have you sleeping in drenched PJs all night). You’ll stay cool when it’s hot and - even though winter feels like a long way off – will keep you cosy when it’s cold out. Basically, the perfect fabric for any time of year.

Hope that helps!

P.S. I love this very complete list of sleep tips (101, to be exact) from Slumber Yard, for more info. 

Written by Nina Clark, founder of Nightire