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Nightire gets a facelift

Nightire New Logo

A few exciting developments are on the cards for Nightire (and I can't wait to share a bit more with you all real soon re these exciting developments). For now, let's just say the Urban Sleepwear Co is morphing into the Urban Sleep Co - and we'll be expanding our product offering in the next few months from just pyjamas and sleep accessories to adding bedding, sleep supplements, candles and more. I started this brand with the aim of helping folks to sleep better, and even though I still believe pyjamas can make a massive difference when it comes to sleep quality and keeping your body temperature even, there are a load of other fun and beautiful products waiting to be made, that I'm discovering can also aid in helping you attain the best snooze. 

We enlisted the help of ace designer, Serena van Baalen, to help with a few tweaks that needed to be made for this new phase of the Nightire journey. Serena is a South African living in the UK, so she really 'got' the mission of Nightire, which is to bring the happy feels of SA summers to the world at large, no matter the weather outside. 

The brief was to:

  • Embolden the logo - because the brand is becoming more established in it's own right
  • Change the tagline & ensure it appeals across all the categories that we will be venturing into
  • Play around the with the icon to incorporate the eyelash that has become synonymous with our designs (if you're new here, each set of pyjamas come complete with an eyelash embroidery unique to the brand). 
  • Simplify the brand colours down to a simple palette (as the bold prints of the pyjamas are already fairly busy) yet it must still be impactful and happy - because that is the Nightire ethos. 

I am so chuffed with the simple yet timeliness elements that we have walked away with from this branding exercise - thanks to Serena.  

Nightire logo


Stay tuned for more on what's lying in store for us (and hopefully for you too). 

Written by Nina Clark

Nightire Founder