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Who Sleeps Here - Nadia Meli's bedroom

Nadia Meli Photographer bedroom

I recently met up for a little chit-chat with a #friendofnightire, photographer and all round girlboss of note, Nadia Meli, to gush over her gorgeous bedroom interiors and discuss her sleep habits as a busy entrepreneur. Have a look at what we covered…

Nadia in a Nutshell?

‘I’m an Italian by birth but grew up in Germany, so that’s an interesting combination of hugely different cultures, even if I do say so myself. I now live close to the beach in Brighton, England with my German hubby, and feel so incredibly at home here. I’m a photographer forlove and oflove, as well as a business coach for photographers. When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me cuddling with my cats Batman and Coco, journaling, going to farmer’s markets, reading, dancing when no-one is around, and people-watching. My favourite foods are avos (I know, how very millennial of me), and the best and most interesting place I have ever been to is Marrakech. You should go there.’

Bedroom inspiration

What do you find differs hugely between different cultures when it comes to sleep routines?

‘In Italy, if you’re married or sharing a double bed, you’d share one duvet. However, in Germany, people often have two separate duvets even when they share a bed, which I remember finding bizarre when we moved to Germany as kids. My husband wanted to originally have his own duvet when we first got married, but I wouldn’t have it.

Another bedtime ritual that I love and find so quintessentially British, is that of tea-drinking. I specifically love honeybush tea before bed, which tends to knock me out completely.’

Beautiful bedroom design

Being a photographer (and entrepreneur) with a very busy schedule, how do you manage to wind down and relax after the day?

‘I always need some time to myself. Whether that is spending a few hours reading a good book or journaling about what I’m grateful for, some quiet time is necessary for me to be able to recharge. Failing that, a quick power nap at some point during the day also seems to do wonders. At night, I will ensure that I take my sweet time to get ready for bed, which might include putting on a facemask, dimming the lights in the bedroom, and nursing my tea.’

Little design details in a bedroom

Are you able to survive on very little sleep ala Trump or Churchill?

‘Nope. I need a good eight hours to feel completely rested, strong and energetic for the day ahead. Unfortunately, now that we've got two attention-hungry kittens in our lives who tend to wake us up at the crack of dawn, that is not happening too much.’

Do you have any secret tips on getting a good night’s sleep, whether pre-bedtime or rituals that you undertake during the day?

‘I love using those apps that create the sound of the ocean (because we don’t live right on the beach, unfortunately). I also can't deal with clutter or messiness in the bedroom, so things have to be relatively neat and tidy by the time we turn in. Also, good quality sleepwear like Nightire of course.'

Bedroom goals