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From our Fans

D Karnis

Absolutely love my pyjamas. They were a Christmas present to myself before a trip back to South Africa and they really do cool you at night, even in hot and humid SA. My watch tracks my sleep and it’s amazing how much better I am sleeping in the bamboo and of course - they are super stylish too

A Dalton

My Nightire pjs are truly the comfiest I’ve ever tried. The fabric is super soft (and pretty), the buttons don’t dig in and the relaxed fit means they’re flattering without getting twisted when I turn over at night. Even better, they’re made from sustainable bamboo. Win win.

G Hancock

The pyjamas are so good, my sleep pattern is gradually improving after a long spell of naffness! A combination of Parkinson’s and hot sweats haven’t been conducive to good refreshing sleep but the pyjamas are making a difference so a huge thank you. I have always disliked wearing pyjamas up until yours.

E Whiley

Nightire is the bomb! The fabric is so breezy and fresh but keeps you warm when the temps are a bit frosty. So many little details that have been so thoughtfully put together and the prints are beautiful. They make wonderful gifts too! Well done team on a great product.