Beach days in Nightire's bamboo summer pyjamas


These LIMITED EDITION prints will have you daydreaming about the days of ice creams, sandy toes, BBQ's and sunny rays.

Lobster Long Bamboo Pyjama sets

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Match your pyjamas to your sleep accessories with our funky eyemasks & hair scrunchies.

One for you, one for me

Our unisex prints are the perfect excuse to match your 'bedroom look' with that of your partner.

Beach days in Nightire's bamboo summer pyjamas

We 'get' sleep

And will make sure you get some too. Take your pick of one of our limited edition prints...

Your bed will thank us

Up your bedding game with our 100% bamboo statement pillowcases - perfect for rounding off your bedroom decor.

Perfect morning routine - long bamboo sleepwear

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'Accessories maketh the (wo)man', as they say. So if you buy TWO of any from our range, you'll get the second accessory half price.

Summer or winter bamboo pyjamas

Perfect combo!

And we're not just talking about a good cuppa & choc chip cookie. Our new Midi Sets are a great combo for any weather, time of day or place.

Blue bugs bamboo short pyjama sets

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