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Another Bamboo Product to Love - BambooWater

Another Bamboo Product to Love - BambooWater

11 days ago
If you're not new to our neck of the woods, you probably know that all Nightire Pjs are made of 100% organic bamboo - so it's clearly a plant that we really love. When we found out about anther really cool use for bamboo, in the form of water - thanks to the fact that we stumbled across Juno Bamboo Water a while ago - we wanted to share a bit more about the health benefits of drinking bamboo water.
Nightire x Grace Atwood Collab

Nightire x Grace Atwood Collab

December 7 2020
A couple of months ago I reached out to my favourite blogger (and podcaster) Grace Atwood. I sent her a set of Nightire's uber popular clementine pajamas to try. She posted them to her instagram story along with a promo code and folks went nuts for it. So I asked her if she'd like to design a collaborative range with me...
Our Self-Care 2020 Shopping Guide #ShopSmall

Our Self-Care 2020 Shopping Guide #ShopSmall

November 16 2020
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! During these tough times, self-care couldn’t be more important! We’ve curated a list a goodies from fav local brands so you can not only feel really good about yourself but also feel really good about supporting local businesses.
How to fall asleep easily to wake up well

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep

November 16 2020
Do you often find yourself lying in bed, eyes closed and ready for a good snooze, but for someone reason you have a hard time nodding off? We totally get it! The culprit might be a super stressful day that's lying ahead for you come morning, or pesky noises coming from the neighbours' flat, or you're struggling to digest a big meal so don't feel the most comfortable. Whatever the reason, we’ve compiled a list of techniques you can use to help get a good night’s sleep.
How to Reset your Circadian rhythm

How To Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

October 27 2020

Do you sometimes wake up minutes before your alarm is due to go off? You can thank your circadian rhythm for that! Circadian rhythms are the body’s 24-hour cycle internal clock that carry out essential functions such as digestion, hormone regulation and, last but not least, sleep. 

Mom life and sleep

Sleep As A Mom - a Chat with Emma Whiley

October 1 2020
Seeing as I'm not a mum (just yet), I've always been a bit in the dark when it comes to what the relationship with sleep is if you are a mum of tiny humans that have very different circadian rhythms (and, at the start of their lives, no circadian rhythms at all) to you. So, I asked my friend Emma Whiley - who is a copywriter extraordinaire - to weigh in on this topic.
Simple Ways to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment

Simple Ways to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment

September 23 2020
Did you know roughly 30 percent of the general population suffers from some form of sleep disruption and 10 percent suffer from insomnia? In these not so certain times, it can be more and more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. One thing that is for certain, we’ve got some tips to help you sort sleeping problems by creating the ultimate sleep environment!
Who Sleeps Here - Nkima de Faria Photography

Who Sleeps Here - Nkima de Faria Photography

September 7 2020
We're SO excited to be bringing back a golden oldies blog series from the good ol'days, where we chat to friends of Nightire about their bedroom design aesthetic, and peek into their lives at home. One of our nearest and dearest, the woman behind many of the beautiful photos you will see on the Nightire website, is expecting mom and ace photographer Nkima de Faria
How to battle Stress (so you can Sleep)

How to battle Stress (so you can Sleep)

August 31 2020
Stress, we can’t seem to escape it, and often see it as a part of the 24/7 always on culture we live in. The unprecedented times we are now living in is exacerbating this stress and the associated impact on both anxiety and our mental health.
Mental Health and Sleep

The Link Between Sleep and Mental Health

August 28 2020
We all know that sleep is a very welcome daily ‘time out’ from the stress and busyness of the day. So, how ironic that our lives are now so busy that we are sleeping less and less (about 90 minutes less than in the, say, 1920’s) and thus getting less and less of a time-out from the stress and busyness.
How to Sleep Well on Summer Nights

How to Sleep Well on Summer Nights

August 19 2020

This summer has been filled with hot days and even hotter nights. The hot days? We love them, right? The nights, however, can sometimes mean we struggle to fall or stay asleep as our bedroom starts resembling a roasting tin. So! We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to tackle that hot and bothered feeling when you’re after a good snooze.

Why Coffee Makes You Tired

Why Coffee Makes You Tired

August 18 2020
It's tough to know what to believe when it comes to coffee nowadays. Some health gurus are telling us that coffee is terrible for our health and that we should avoid it at all costs. Others can’t stop punting it as a health food or even a superfood that is packed with all sorts of beneficial antioxidants and phytochemicals that give us energy and help us perform better.
Napping our way through Covid19

Napping our way through Covid19

August 18 2020
A recent study shared in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says naps are GOOD – according to the research, folks who nap for 30-90 minutes have better word recall (a sign of good memory), decreased stress levels and healthier hearts.
Nightire Press Coverage

Sharing Our Latest PR Coverage

July 23 2020
It’s been a busy few weeks over here at Nightire HQ! We launched two gorgeous new prints for summer 2020 – perfect timing because with Corona running rampant globally and keeping many of us from actually venturing out much during these warm months, trendy yet comfy loungewear is just what the doctor ordered.
leisure Tee for home wear

Sleep During Lockdown - a Reflection

July 23 2020
Pre Corona, I used to be a morning person. I used to wake up before my alarm, roll out of bed within a few minutes and hit the gym for an early a.m. training or pull my laptop close and start working straight away. I work from home so there was no pesky commute anyway.
The Link Between Loneliness and Sleep

The Link Between Loneliness and Sleep

July 23 2020
Mental health is a hot topic right now – especially as we battle a global pandemic where many of us are feeling anxious and lonely in lockdown. Two mental health issues are thus getting the most PR (and for good reason): chronic lack of sleep and increasing feelings of loneliness (which keeps mounting despite a whole bunch of social media apps claiming to connect us). 
Fog CBD and Nightire Combo

Sleep & CBD

April 8 2020

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough – you put on your Nightire PJ’s, turn off all your screens, but your racing mind after a busy day and the anxiety of daily life still makes it tough for even the best sleepers to get to sleep and stay asleep. Does this sound like you? If it does, you would normally go see your doctor and get a prescription for sleeping pills. But many looking for a natural alternative have turned to CBD, an ingredient in cannabis, to help fight their insomnia.

Nightire New Logo

Nightire gets a facelift

March 25 2020
A few exciting developments are on the cards for Nightire (and I can't wait to share a bit more with you all real soon re these exciting developments). For now, let's just say the Urban Sleepwear Co is morphing into the Urban Sleep Co - and we'll be expanding our product offering in the next few months from just pyjamas and sleep accessories to adding bedding, sleep supplements, candles and more. 
Bamboo sweat wicking sleepwear

What's the Deal With Sweat Wicking Sleepwear?

March 12 2020
If you, like many, suffer from night sweats or menopausal hot flashes, choosing pajamas made of natural fibers like cotton and bamboo can be a game changer. Here's why.
Running in Pyjamas has never been this fun

Guinness World Record to be made in Nightire Pyjamas

March 5 2020
Sleepwear worn as daywear has been touted by many as this year’s trendy look du jour - with many an A-lister and influencer donning their nightwear for a foray out during the day. Well, we are now taking this trend one step further. Proving that bamboo threads are best for all kinds of weather, situations and occasions, Nightire has teamed up with marathon runner Jennifer Graham to kit her out in pyjamas for this year's London Marathon.
Sleeping and Menopause - an interview

Sleeping and Menopause - an interview

February 21 2020
Menopause. Familiar with the term? To be honest, I wasn't even exactly sure what the details were...
Freya and Bailey for Nightire

How to get your Beauty Sleep with Freya & Bailey

February 13 2020
We've got a super exciting collaboration with new London-based skincare brand Freya & Bailey in the pipeline (if you have been wondering what to get your beloved mum for Mother's Day, wait for it). So in the lead-up, we chatted to founder Abbie about how she came to create this natural, anti-pollution range.  
Lobster pyjamas for summer

Galentines Day Movies to Watch with your Best Friends

January 29 2020
With the big V-day around the corner and heart-shaped balloons and overpriced roses hounding us from every shop window, we thought we'd rather celebrate the act of staying in with your best friends for a movie marathon of the most romantic flicks, complete with home-made popcorn, G&T's, a mound of blankets and of course clad in your favourite set of pyjamas. 
Start your mornings in the best bamboo pyjamas

Burnout and how it affects our sleep

January 22 2020
Its official - too much work and play is making us sick and tired – literally. So how can you tackle this problem of burn-out?
Mix and match sleep accessories like eye masks, scrunchies and pyjamas

Is too much sleep even possible? We investigate

November 20 2019
The ‘right’ amount of sleep is a contentious topic. Because everyone has their own right amount. You can gauge whether you’ve had a enough by seeing how well you can get through your day. 
Three Easy Halloween Breakfast Recipes

Three Easy Halloween Breakfast Recipes

October 31 2019
Three quick and easy wholesome recipes to fill you up the morning after a night of sugar-filled trick or treat'ing. Happy Halloween (and pumpkin-spiced autumn days)!!
Bamboo Sleepwear for winter and summer

How Many Hours Of Sleep Is Enough?

August 30 2019
We've all heard the standard answer - eight hours.  But almost none of us manage to actually ever clock this. Let alone seven. So where does that seemingly artbitrary figure come from – and do we need to be worried if we don’t hit it?
Blue stripe bamboo pillowcases

Your new favourite skin-friendly bamboo pillowcase

August 20 2019
Bamboo is the softest fabric you will ever lay your head on. It’s anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, as well as thermo-regulating, which means it’ll keep your head cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s also sweat-wicking, smoother than cotton, and wrinkle-resistant. The trifecta for sleek, plump skin and hair come morning.
Why we yawn - an exposé

Why we yawn - an exposé

August 14 2019
Yawning is a contagious and uncontrollable urge that we all get multiple times a day (and sometimes at the most inconvenient of times, like in important meetings or a yoga class). So we investigated where this strange yet common bodily function comes from. 
Sleep Well Milk interviewed by Nightire

In conversation with Sleep Well Milk

August 5 2019
I recently had the good fortune of e-meeting the founder of Sleep Well Milk (a drink that you can sip before bed to help you snooze more easily). Here's what Sam Watts, one half of the founding couple, had to say about her small business life, the delicious milk and their family bedtime routines. 
pink bamboo nightdress for good sleep

The Four Different Stages of Sleep

June 11 2019
You've probably heard of the sleep buzzwords “REM” and “slow wave”, but what exactly do they mean for our sleep quality? To feel refreshed in the morning, you need to cycle through all stages of sleep several times throughout the night without interruption. So it might be quite beneficial to know exactly what those stages are.

Sleep can be broken up into two basic types: REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and non-REM sleep, which is further broken up into three separate stages. Both are associated with specific brain wave activity, and serve different functions for the brain and the body.

Why we love sleep so much

An Ode to Sleeping in Sunshine

April 16 2019
After many months of agonizing over design details, patterns and prints - the second Nightire range is here and it's all about celebrating the days of languid barbeques, ice creams on the beach and long afternoon naps. Summer holidays are usually a highlight in the year for most folks and an ace time to relax, reboot and spend quality time with the people you love. So we're betting that when you slip into your new Nightire sleepwear, it will evoke the same feeling of happiness as a day by the sea. No matter the weather (however dreary) outside.
No hot flushes in these bamboo pyjamas

Why we get night sweats and hot flashes - and what to do about them.

March 26 2019
Oh, the joys of waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat, heart racing and body roasting. Then a few minutes later, you’re freezing again. Welcome to the world of night sweats. Sounds less than appealing, I know, but for a large contingency of people, that is a daily reality. Night sweats (which occur during sleep), and hot flashes (which occur during the day), affect 75 to 80 percent of women in menopause and perimenopause, and they can go on for years. Not good news when its a large factor that influences sleep.
Bose Sleep Buds Review from Nightire

Bose Sleep Buds - A Review

February 8 2019
We’ve allll been there, right? We've all experienced those nights when you just can’t sleep because annoying sounds - like your SO's snoring, traffic and rowdy neighbours - are keeping you awake. So Bose, the brand that brought us headphones much beloved by all who work in coffee shops with MacBooks drinking flat whites, decided to do something about it. They created sleep earbuds with built-in noise masking technology🙌  These buds are tiny, shaped perfectly to fit pretty much any ear shape and size, and designed in such a way to mask pretty much any unwanted noise, and then lull you to sleep.
Interview with a designer

Who Sleeps Here - Sam Schwikkard's bedroom

January 17 2019
We recently had a little chit-chat with mom and business owner Sam Schwikkard, a #friendofnightire and all-round darling, to find out how she manages to get enough me-time, down-time and sleep-time in as mom of a little bub. We also discussed what inspires her design vibes when it comes to her bedroom, as she really does have the most stylish abode.  
How to wake up well after a bad night's sleep

How to wake up well after a bad night's sleep

January 17 2019
Hello good morning! Not a good morning? Didn’t feel like singing a few songs while birds flap around your head? No skipping out the door with your lunchbox in tow? Neither did I. After a bad night’s sleep, I find it so tricky to wake up happy, energised and ready to take on the day. Which is why I’ve done a quick bit of research into little things that you can do to have a better day. Hope it helps you today!