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Another Bamboo Product to Love - BambooWater

Another Bamboo Product to Love - BambooWater
If you're not new to our neck of the woods, you probably know that all Nightire Pjs are made of 100% organic bamboo - so it's clearly a plant that we really love. When we found out about anther really cool use for bamboo, in the form of water - thanks to the fact that we stumbled across Juno Bamboo Water a while ago - we wanted to share a bit more about the health benefits of drinking bamboo water. Sidebar: there are many health benefits of wearing bamboo sleepwear too:)
Here's our chat with the founder, Guillaume:
  1. What was your career path before Juno Bamboo Water and how did you end up becoming an entrepreneur?  

Before moving to London and becoming an entrepreneur, I was a banker in Hong Kong for almost five years. Stressful hours, intense working environment. During my numerous travels across Asia, I discovered the importance of traditional medicines, and one key ingredient got my attention: bamboo leaf extract, which has been commonly used since ancient times to heal the body and calm the mind. Since then, the idea of creating a healthy soft drink with infused bamboo leaves grew on me. And I then decided to take the risk and go full-time working on Juno Bamboo Water!

  1. Why did you create this product / what was the need in the market that you spotted & wanted to speak to?

Soft drink demand is evolving at a fast pace, which left an open gap in the market. Consumers are increasingly looking for more premium hydration experiences, that balance “flavours from the Earth” with associated health benefits. At the same time, supermarkets’ shelves are still dominated by sweet and sugary unhealthy drinks. This is why we believed that it was a good time to enter the market with an innovative alternative. 

  1. What are the benefits of bamboo water over any other water? 

Juno Bamboo Water is a perfect blend of health benefits and taste. Rich in natural antioxidants and essential minerals, bamboo leaf extract is known to help stimulate natural collagen production in the body, detoxify, and boost immunity. With that in mind, we crafted an all-natural and sugar-free recipe, with only 8 calories per servings, and we proudly bottle it here in the UK.

And all these precious benefits coming with a refreshing natural taste. We balance the aromatic flavour of infused bamboo leaf with a hint of yuzu to bring a citrusy hint to our lightly sparkling drink.

  1. Tell us a bit more about the bamboo plant!

We love working with this very sustainable and versatile plant! Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth (with some species growing up to 1 meter per day!) and regrows after harvest. It requires no fertilizer, no pesticide and very little water to thrive. 

Juno Bamboo Water

  1. What is your relationship with sleep - do you struggle to get quality shut-eye as an entrepreneur? 

Being an entrepreneur comes with lots of challenges that can sometimes keep you awake at night. This is where a good work-life balance is important. A routine including, healthy food and drinks, regular physical exercise, and meditation are some of the elements that help me getting a good recovery sleep at night.

  1. What is next for the brand and where can we find the product? 

We will soon be increasing our product range to add more flavours to Juno Bamboo Water! Maybe hibiscus, peppermint or ginger? Let’s see what 2021 has to offer.

In the meantime, you can find us on We offer free delivery across the UK. And feel free to use NITE15 promo code for a -15% off on your first order of Juno.