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Nightire x Grace Atwood Collab

Nightire x Grace Atwood Collab

A couple of months ago I reached out to my favourite blogger (and podcaster) Grace Atwood. See, I've been following her on IG and on her blog, The Stripe, for a long time - and always rate the product suggestions and brands that she shares - so I sent her a set of Nightire's uber popular clementine pajamas to try. She posted them to her instagram story along with a promo code and folks went nuts for it - the PJs sold out in one day and I've loved getting to know some of Grace's lovely fans and IG friends since. 

After the commotion died down and I was done packing PJs to the US like my life depended on it, I got back in touch to see whether she might be up for a collaborative range, created by Nightire but curated and inspired by Grace and her vision - and her immediate YES made me literally break out into the biggest smile. She has worked with such amazing brands (like Amazon the Drop, etc.) and now here she is, crafting two styles with the likes of me. She had a very clear vision of what she wanted so it was quick and effortless to pull it all together (thankfully, as we had a very tight turn around time). Here's a sneak peek at her one moodboard... and a pic of me holding up the printed fabric sample for her to approve:)

Nightire behind the scenes

Grace Atwood x Nightire Mood Board

The first print in this two-part series is a classic emerald green stripe - inspired by the awnings of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Emerald green is Grace's fav color, and you can never go wrong with stripes (but a green stripe is so hard to find - it's usually navy or red). We went back and forth a bit around the width and spacing of the stripe but finally nailed it. 

Grace Atwood Nightire Green Stripe

The second style is a jungle cat print that's inspired by Grace's grumpy (but fantastic) Persian cat Tyrion - who might be a courageous jungle cat in his next life but for now he loves a laze around the house... the long PJs in bamboo are a treat for winter as you are warm and covered up in the chillier weather, but then when you go to sleep you are not hot! Like magic!

Jungle Cats Nightire x Grace Atwood PJ Collab

I really hope you love both prints as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!!

A quick update on sizing:

For the first time ever, I decided to expand my offered size range - from XS - XL, to now all the way up to XXXL (in straight sizes). It was important for myself and Grace to make this a more inclusive range taking my market and their needs into account, and I am definitely going to keep this going forward. Grace is wearing a medium in both styles. The medium fits her perfectly, but if you are in between sizes and uncertain, I would say to size up... it's always best to have looser PJs for optimal ease of movement - in bed and otherwise. 

On the fabric:

These PJs, as per ALL our Nightire sleepwear and sleep accessories, are made from 100% organic bamboo. If you’re not familiar with the feel of bamboo, it’s super silky and soft… and almost cool to the touch. It feels great against the skin but at the same time is also really hardy - you can pop the PJs in the wash on a normal cycle and they'll still be good as new. 

A big thank you yet again to Grace who has been a literal legend to work with. I could not have asked for a better partner in crime for this festive season range. 

Written by Nina, founder of Nightire