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Gift Card for Christmas and Birthdays Pyjamas
Gift Card for Christmas and Birthdays Pyjamas

Gift Card For Great Sleeps

Tax included.

Make gifting a snooze with these handy gift cards - your friend / neighbour / partner / in-laws will love you for it. After all, the best gift you can give is that of a good sleep.

How It Works

Once the recipient of this ace voucher (which we can email to you or post IRL to the giftee) has gotten in touch with us via email /snail mail / WhatsApp / IGM to choose a little Nightire something, we will add a personalised note to the parcel, and make sure to wrap it up real nice.

Our PJs & boxers are true to size, but when in doubt, have a look at the size guide here to sense check your choice.

The receiver of this gift card can choose anything from the store, and use the voucher to set off against the outstanding balance.

Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase & standard shipping is free for EU, US & UK orders of pyjama & bedding sets. Customs duties (where applicable) are not covered in the price. Please note sales to the EU, Canada and Switzerland will incur local taxes & duties. For more info, visit our shipping page.